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Innovative Fastrak Connect App

Secure Web and Mobile App for Optimal Convenience and Productivity

Ongoing Technological Innovation Enhances Client Value

Fastrak Connect operates non-stop across three facilities, every day of the year. Our cutting-edge technology, including our Secure App and proprietary software, enables simultaneous loading of the client’s website or URL as we answer calls. This integration is crucial for providing our agents with immediate access to information, ensuring they are informed and efficient. The Secure App perfectly merges Fastrak Connect with your data.
Our extensive experience of over 45 years in hiring and training guarantees that all calls are managed exactly as our clients wish. We have expertise across numerous industries, ready to handle call overflow, staffing changes, terminal emulation, and fulfillment services. Our comprehensive reports, available in real-time, cover virtually all aspects you might need.

Fastrak Connect Mobile App

The Fastrak Connect Mobile App facilitates swift development, scripting, access to large databases, and real-time reporting, all while reducing setup times and costs. Web-Pop technology allows our outsourced agents to interact more efficiently with customers, as if they were in-house.
Within our user portal, you can review and listen to your messages, rate calls, pay your bill, track your usage, and manage your on-call calendar from anywhere, at any time. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


Enhance Your Experience with Fastrak Connect Mobile

Our mobile application simplifies how you receive message notifications, listen to messages while on the move, evaluate our service quality, modify on-call contacts, and much more.


Stay updated with instant alerts for new messages, access messages at your convenience, confirm message receipt, assess agent performance, and track your usage seamlessly.

Pay Your Bill

The Fastrak Connect mobile app provides secure and convenient payment methods. Whether you prefer one-time payments via credit card or ACH, you have multiple options at your disposal.

On-Call Calendar

Manage your on-call schedule autonomously or delegate it to us, all through a secure cloud-based system equipped with cutting-edge technology for maximum reliability and efficiency.

Technology for the Most Demanding Businesses

Our App integrates seamlessly with appointment scheduling tools like Acuity and Google Calendar, and CRMs such as Salesforce and Hubspot. Our call recording feature allows clients to monitor and rate calls to ensure quality. At every interaction, Fastrak Connect employs these technologies to gather information in real-time, adjust scripting, and report on data and marketing insights.
By partnering with leading technology firms, we’re uniquely positioned to develop proprietary technologies that not only improve customer service but also introduce new efficiencies and contribute to your business growth.



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