Fastrak Connect Registration Guid

Welcome to Fastrak Connection! Let’s get your registration started. This step-by-step guide will walk you through each section and help you complete your registration process successfully.

Step I.       Go to our website address:

At the bottom left of the page click on “Agent Login” and then on the next page click on “Log In”. You should have received a registration email from us with your login credentials for your Fastrak Connection account. Enter these credentials at the Portal Login and click “Login”.

Step II.

Go to “Non Disclosure Agreement” Tab and click on “Start Now

Click on “View”. Document will open. Read, scroll down, and click “Sign” to complete. Close document. Then click “Next”.

Step III.

Go to “Select Independent Contractor Type” Tab and click on “Start Now”

Select “Agent Working For A Call Center” then hit “Submit Request” at bottom of page.

Once you click on Submit Request the screen will jump to the “Call Center Info” page for you to select your designated Call Center which is Fastrak Connection. Scroll down to “Enter Call Center Company Information”. Enter Fastrak Connection’s Company ID # 414386 and click on the magnifying glass icon . This will populate our company’s name in the box.  

Then scroll down and enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

Lastly, click on “View” for the Agent Waiver and Agent NDA. Documents will open. Read, scroll down, and then click “Sign” for both. Once signing complete, close document, then click “Next” at the bottom of the page.

Once Step III. is complete our office will be alerted to review and finalize your registration. Once finalized you will receive a “Congratulations Email” with additional information and then you will be able to log back in, go onto.Step IV. and select a “Servicing Opportunity”.

Step IV.

Go to the “Select a Servicing Opportunity” and click start now.

Here you can scroll through and look at the list of job opportunities available to you. Click on “Info” for job details, course schedule & class times, intervals available, system & equipment requirements, and client information. NOTE: For information on base rates, please contact Fastrak Connection, as your Service Partner.

After finding your desired opportunity click on “Select” to view class schedule, class cost, and to enroll.

Click on “View Class Times”.

Then click on “Enroll” and follow instructions.

If you need any assistance troubleshooting during your registration process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-620-9764 available 24/7. You may also contact Registration Support via text at 646-389-3064 during normal business hours.

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